Performance Tracking

Each day, as part of your ‘day-to-day’ operations, you make decisions that will impact your organizations performance and chart the direction you are heading for years to come.  The impact of each decision may be hard to measure in the short term, as an organization you are constantly changing.  Bedrock Retail has created criteria for PERFORMANCE TRACKING that will help you track specific activities that indicate successful operations for your organization.  These measurements provide a tool that consolidates all decisions and outside factors to help you in evaluating the organizations ‘day-to-day’ decisions. The three primary areas to focus on are Sales, Staffing and Productivity

LET US HELP YOU MEASURE KEY SALES INDICATORS.  Bedrock Retail can help you to adopt stringent sales performance measurements to help identify stores doing well and provide direction to under-performing locations.  These selling measurements can help you educate your staff on how well they are selling to your guests and where their focus needs to be.



LET US HELP YOU MEASURE KEY STAFFING METRICS.  Bedrock Retail can help you understand what staffing metrics to focus on in order to staff your stores better in order to provide goals and overall direction.  Since labor staffing is your organizations most valuable resource, and the largest controllable expense, retailers must continually address staffing.



LET US HELP YOU MEASURE OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY.  Bedrock Retail can help you identify the key indicators needed to measure the overall productivity of your retail operations.  Knowing what indicators to monitor consistently will help your organization evaluate your overall performance and understand how your decisions are impacting your organization.



The fundamental purpose behind performance tracking is to improve your overall performance.  Consistently monitoring and measuring your sales, staffing and productivity will help you evaluate how your organizations stores are performing.  Having this information will help you know where to improve and understand what should be done differently.

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