Workforce Staffing

The competitive nature in all retail sectors today has put gross margins under attack.  As margins drop, a retailer is challenged to lower operating costs in order to maintain profitability, while sustaining or improving guest service levels.  Since labor is your most valuable resource, and the largest controllable operating expense, labor costs must be continually addressed.  Bedrock Retail can help you understand what WORKFORCE STAFFING is required for you to really operate your store locations properly.  The three primary areas to focus on are your standards, forecasting and scheduling:

LET US HELP YOU DEVELOP LABOR STANDARDS.  Labor standards are at the heart of any successful workforce staffing environment.  Bedrock Retail can develop labor standards for all of your operations and selling areas.  Using our proven methodology, developed labor standards will become key components across all of your staffing areas.




LET US HELP YOU CREATE A FORECASTING METHODOLOGY.  Retailers want to grow sales, realize profits and satisfy customers.  This means having stores staffed to meet customer demand, but not overstaffed that valuable payroll is tied up.  Having a forecasting methodology assists your stores in meeting weekly forecasted sales and customer demand.  Bedrock Retail can help create or strengthen your current forecasting process.



LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR SCHEDULING NEEDS.  Bedrock Retail can help you strengthen the process of determining how, when and where to allocate your stores given resources (associates) to successfully operate the store to meet both the guest service and tasking demands.  By working together we can create a plan to determine what changes need to be made and how the changes can be implemented.



Optimizing your labor model is critical to ensure that your store locations have the right labor hours scheduled week-to-week to support your overall guest service and tasking requirements.  To learn more about how Bedrock Retail can help you with your WORKFORCE STAFFING click the button below.

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