WORKFORCE Management

Managing your Labor Standards, Forecasting and Scheduling will help you monitor your most valuable resource and most controllable expense. We can help you create this model.


Performance Tracking

Tracking Key Performance Indicators in areas such as Sales, Staffing and Productivity give you a snapshot of how your organization is performing. We can help you take this picture.


Process Improvement

Optimizing Store Processes in your Receiving, Front End and Sales Floor areas is the beginning step to improving your overall store operations. We can help you take this important step.



Evaluating and Updating your Store Appearance, Merchandising and Customer Experience allows you to maintain a fresh presence in your market. We can help you recharge your stores.

"Our goal at Bedrock Retail will always be to help retail companies provide a great overall guest experience, improve processes and productivity, while creating a labor model that keeps their organization profitable."

-Michael Muse, Owner of Bedrock Retail