Our team of retail experts is ready to offer our services and solutions to improve your business issues. Bedrock Retail was created out of the desire to assist retailers with creating the most profitable and efficiently run store operations possible.  Our company was created by an Industrial Engineer from Atlanta named Michael Muse.

Michael has spent 25 years working at some of the most successful corporations in the world.  He began his engineering career at Lockheed Martin and United Parcel Service.  Michael then entered the retail industry at a young developing company called The Home Depot.  As he worked with The Home Depot during their enormous growth, Michael developed a passion for store improvements and labor management in retail operations.

In addition to his vast corporate experience, Michael has a strong educational background to support his retail experience and store knowledge.

As his consulting firm grew, Michael started Bedrock Retail to meet the needs of his growing business, expanding on ways to help improve retail store operations.  Bedrock Retail has the knowledge and team to help retailers improve their overall guest experience, productivity and specific retail business issues.

"Michael is an outstanding professional, he brings a passion for excellence to the workplace that is unique.  Michael has worked in a wide variety of roles, from Store Manager to Process Engineer on transformational projects. He has brought tremendous work ethic, personal humility and a high degree of professionalism to all of these assignments."

-J. Paul Raines, Chief Operating Officer, GameStop Corp.

“The professionals at ‘Bedrock Retail’ really took the time to understand our business and its unique receiving needs.  They created a personalized process plan that helped streamline our operational procedures and prepare us for the future.  We really appreciate the time they dedicated to helping our company move forward.”   

-Ron Whited, Vice President Operations, PGA Tour Superstore

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