Solving your business issues is very important to us at Bedrock Retail.  We look forward to providing the expertise and assistance you need. The first step in the process of getting started is to provide you with a Complimentary Consultation where we discuss your specific needs.  Call us and we will listen carefully to your concerns and learn how our skills, intelligent advice and perspective can help you improve your business issue.


First and foremost, Bedrock Retail offers competitive pricing for companies of all sizes.  Once we learn more about the specific issues and time-frame in which the work needs to be accomplished we can determine the cost to your organization.  We will create a mutually agreed upon contract to assist with your business needs. Our clients can pay for our beneficial services in the following ways:

By The Project

Most of our clients utilize this method, billing based on a specific project after mutually agreeing to the specific deliverables and fees. We will bill your organization on a monthly basis with this agreed upon contractual arrangement.

By Retainer

At times a client may wish to set aside a number of hours per month on a longer term basis, in this scenario Bedrock Retail dedicates a set agreed upon number of hours to work on your various ongoing business issues and projects.  A client on Retainer always moves to the ‘front-of-the-line’ ahead of hourly or project work.  This allows our clients greater access to our time.  Hourly rates apply, and a discount is given depending on the block of hours used.

  • Our competitive hourly rate applies for 1 to 5 hours of service per week
  • Your organization will receive a 10% discount for 6 to 10 hours of services per week
  • Your organization will receive a 20% discount on services extending beyond 10 hours per week

This arrangement requires a minimum three month contract and payment is made upon invoice. Our Retainer contract may be discontinued or modified given a 30 days’ notice by either party.


By The Hour

Paying by the hour works best for small, well-defined business issues.  Clients will often set a cap on how many hours they wish to budget for our assistance.  We will bill your organization on a monthly basis with this agreed upon contractual arrangement.

Thank you for your interest in Bedrock Retail, we look forward to discussing your needs and providing the expertise and assistance required to help you solve your business issues.